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Sound legal advice, every step of the way.


With over 25 years of dedicated experience, Andrew Logan has a wealth of local and international commercial law knowledge.


Priding himself on the ability to give frank and straightforward advice, Andrew brings a pragmatic outlook to problem solving.

Client Focused

Always focused on his client’s requirements, Logan Legal is committed to a transparent, value-based billing system.

What we Do

The services we offer in our Perth Law firm

Commercial Law

Business dealings and transactions are renowned for having several layers and for being complex.  At Logan Legal, we can ensure you remain compliant.

Property Law & Settlements

Our team of property lawyers in Perth are here to provide comprehensive legal services for a wide variety of property-related matters.

Commercial Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We aim to avoid possible litigation but, when involved in litigation to attempt to achieve a pragmatic commercial outcome as soon as possible.

Wills & Estates

The best gift you can provide your loved ones is clarity. By creating a Will, you can minimise the possibility of disputes.

Succession Planning

Whether you decide to sell up, retire or transfer the business to the next generation, it is essential to have a plan in place.


We can assist you in applying for a grant of Probate, by preparing and filing the required documents to the Supreme Court of Western Australia.


Why Logan Legal?

Andrew Logan possess an in-depth understanding and insight into Western Australia’s legal landscape. This is a result of an ongoing commitment to upskilling and understanding the needs of the WA community.

Being experienced, skilled, talented, empathetic and driven to deliver meaningful outcomes for his clients. Andrew is constantly evolving and keeping up to date with advancements in the Law, and is agile enough to adapt to the ever-changing legal environment in Perth and the broader WA landscape.

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Sound Legal Advice

Achieving a pragmatic commercial result that exceeds the client’s expectations is Andrew’s driving force. Taking pride in bringing the best possible outcomes for individual clients, colleagues and businesses across Perth and Western Australia.

You deserve to work with a lawyer in Perth who is committed to you and solely to you. It is essential to have a lawyer in your corner who has got your best interests at heart and will act on your behalf with professionalism, sound knowledge, responsiveness but considers your situation from a holistic perspective, which does not involve “War and Peace” opinions and 60-page documents when ten will do.

Whether it be navigating the nuances of property law, commercial or employment law issues, creating a complex will, organising your estate planning, or even managing a comprehensive succession plan – you deserve sound legal advice and a responsive lawyer who gets it.

“Andrew was terrific! We were impressed with his dedication, effeciency and attention to detail. He gave us clear direction, explained each step of the process well and communicated on a daily basis. Andrew gave us a great deal of help on the course that was so unfamiliar to the seller and our company.”

Maggie B.

“Andrew was very professional from start to finish, he guided me through my issue and gave me and a number of scenarios that could take place. His advice was sound and it made my decision a lot easier to move forward. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone.”

Chris C.

Our Clients Know

We have your best interests at heart.

Logan Legal is dedicated to assisting clients through life’s most unpredictable chapters, with sound legal advice that offers clarity and peace of mind. Chat to Andrew today.